Triathlon coaching and advice is where Process 3 loves to be. As the header suggests, this entails a lot more than just swim, bike and run. In fact, the spaces in between the three disciplines of triathlon often become the most important. From maintenance, nutrition, transitions, strength work and the psychology of sport, the Riches surely are in the Niches. I find that athletes develop in leaps and bounds [sorry!] when they incorporate plyometric, strength and core workouts into their programme. Often, the problem I find is convincing athletes to think the same way about rest, food and maintenance as they do about swimming, cycling and running.

That said, Dan will also talk anyone senseless about the science of swimming which means ongoing weekend swim squads, one-to-one sessions, and Technique clinics. Although the specialist swimming work happens face-to-face, Process 3 is no stranger to remote athletes using Training Peaks to conduct triathlon and running programmes. Again, Run Technique Clinics also happen during the year for those wanting to increase efficiency or refresh their knowledge.

Training Peaks

If you would like to discuss race goals, coaching options or how Process 3 works, please use the form below. If you are interested in upcoming clinics then check out the Clinic Calendar.