Training Peaks

Process 3 administers most training programmes via Training Peaks, but we are very careful to avoid athletes becoming obsessed with their gadgets. After all, there were outstanding athletes in all sports before sports watches came along – a piece of paper and some guidelines for the workout seemed to do just fine, as long as the athlete knew how important FOCUS and SPECIFICITY are.

I’m just as happy sending PDF calendars to an athlete in three week blocks, as I am updating a Training Peaks account. That said, the data I can access with Training Peaks is incredibly useful with such things as Annual Training Plans, fitness scores and ramp rates becoming the building blocks for some athletes. Likewise, as most self-coached athletes do not have a squad dynamic to keep them honest, the TP portal becomes a focus for accountability. Having Weekesy prodding you every couple of days is the key!

On top of remote, ongoing coaching I also sell training programmes for athletes to download into their device and start straight away under their own guidance.